India Missions

Hindu devotees attempting to wash their sins away in the Indian ocean outside the temple at Rameswarem

Praying for the Pastor’s at a Pastor’s Conference

A tribal village inviting Jesus to be Lord!

The tribal mother of this baby asked us to take her and give her a better life

Rejoicing with a tribal village headman after his entire village recieves the gospel message.

A new well for a village of several thousand.

Washing the feet of persecuted pastors.

Preaching at a pastor’s conference with Bro. Billy Paulos interpreting.

Biblical repentance with sorrow over sin.

Sights of India

Sights of India

Ministering at Prince of Peace school for the Untouchables in Rameswaram, India

Sharing the gospel with the “Untouchables” school children.

Pastor Moses Paulos, a true man of God