Our Faith

Concerning Scripture 2Pet 1:21, 2Tim 3:16, Psa 138:2

We believe the canonical books of the Bible, as originally given, to be divinely inspired, infallible, and the final authority of faith and practice for believers.

Concerning the Godhead Acts 17:29, 2Cor 13:14, Mat 3:16-17

We believe the Godhead consists of one omnipotent, almighty, and eternal God who is manifested in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Concerning Jesus Christ Mat 1:23, Act 1:9, 1Cor 15:3-4, Heb 4:15

We believe in the literal virgin birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God who lived a sinless life in human form on earth.

Concerning Salvation Rom 10:9-13, Eph 2:8-10, 2Pet 3:9, 2Cor 7:10

We believe the redemptive work of Jesus Christ for the sin of the world is activated by personal acceptance of His atonement and Lordship and that repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and have access to the Father.

Concerning Water Baptism and Communion Mat 28:19, Joh 3:23, Rom 6, Act 8:26-39, Luke 22:19-20; I Cor 11:23-26, 1 Thes 5:23

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ instituted these two ordinances for the church: We believe that water baptism by immersion is a biblical mandate to all believers who have received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We also believe the Lord’s Supper should be a regular practice among believers in remembrance of the finished work of the cross for our salvation spirit, soul, and body.

Concerning the Holy Spirit indwelling Joh 16:7-14, Rom 8:1-16, 1Joh 2:3-5, Tit 2:11-12

We believe upon conversion the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within the believer to convict, regenerate, and lead believers into truth and holiness. We also believe it is the obligation of believers to seek to access the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the righteousness of the moral laws of God and thereby overcome any besetting sin and ungodly living. 

Concerning the Holy Spirit infilling Luk 11:9-13, Gal 5:16-26, Act 1:4-8, Act 2-3, Mar 16:17-20, 1Cor 12

We believe it is the privilege of believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit resulting in a greater operation of the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the spirit and the power of God to save souls, work miracles, heal the sick, cast out devils, engage in their personal gifts, and thereby build up the body of Christ in the unity of the Spirit.

Concerning Church Leadership Eph 4:8-16, 1Tim 3, Tit 1:5-9, Act 13:1-3, Luk 9:1-6, I Tim 2:9-15

We believe in the present day operation of the five fold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, and Evangelist). As men with these and other callings meet the qualifications of servant-hood leadership set forth in scripture they are to be commissioned to preach the gospel and fulfill biblical responsibilities such as a bishop, elder, minister, and deacon. We also believe in the biblical pattern of male leadership in the church and that this limits the roles of leadership and doctrinal authority to qualified men.

Concerning Marriage and Home Matt 19:4-9, Rom 1:18-32, Eph 5:3-7, 21-33, Tit 2:3-5, I Cor 11:1-12,

We believe that God created mankind as male and female and that he created them differently to complement and complete each other. God instituted marriage between male and female and permitted them the intimacy of a sexual relationship and subsequently according to scripture any sexual relationship outside of marriage is sin. We also believe in the principle of male leadership and responsibility in the home according to the sacrificial example of Jesus and that husbands and wives should strive to live together for a lifetime in harmony and peace, submitting to each other in love.

 Concerning Jesus Christ’s Return Mat 24:30-31, Act 1:11, 1Cor 15:52, 1Thess 4:16, Rev 19:11-16

We believe in the bodily return of Jesus Christ to receive the dead in Christ and living believers unto himself, to judge humanity, and to establish his eternal kingdom.