Our History

Beacon of Truth Church was founded by Pastor Reuben Esh in 2003. Beacon of Truth Ministries was founded as a non-profit international ministry in 2007.

Reuben Esh was born and raised in an Old Order Amish home in Lancaster, Pa. His ministry has been influenced in a positive way by the old fashioned values passed down from the rich heritage of the plain people. As a young man he left the strict settings he was raised in searching for fulfillment in life. He found temporary pleasure in a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, but with that came the reality that true peace and fulfillment was eluding his grasp. Listen to his testimony.

In the late 1990s Reuben Esh made two decisions that dramatically altered the course of his life. In 1997 he committed his life to Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and one year later after three month of seeking he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. These two life changing events helped shape a burden and a vision to minister a message of hope through the preaching of the whole council of God’s word. The Lord spoke to him about a calling on his life and in 1998 he was ordained into the ministry.

In 2003 after pastoring several churches he and his wife of six years Marilyn, felt the Lord leading them to found a church in Marilyn’s home area in east central Kansas. In 2005 the Lord spoke these words to Pastor Esh. “My people are not ready for what’s coming; I am placing an apostolic anointing upon you to help prepare the remnant for what’s coming.” That same year Pastor Esh was recognized as a Bishop by the churches he had oversight over.

Reuben Esh is the senior pastor of Beacon of Truth church at Richmond, Ks. The church has become home base for the Eshes as they travel worldwide doing the work of the ministry. Brother Esh travels the nations with a message of preparation to the body of Christ. He ministers the gospel with a demonstration of the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Esh Family